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The Future of Australian Housing: How Small Is Too Small?

Event details
Date: 15/04/2016
Time: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Name: BDA Secretariat
Phone: 07 3211 4698
Fax: 07 3211 4900

The Brisbane Development Association and the Future Housing Task Force are staging a provocative seminar and robust luncheon debate on the Future of Australian Housing with a particular focus on what it means for Brisbane.What will we live in?

Where? Who will we live next to, or below? What will be part of daily life in the future that we don’t have now? What will influence our decisions about where we live and what type of dwelling it is? How small is too small? Will we be off the grid? Will we own, rent or couch surf our way to old age? Will we have a say? Can we afford what we want? How will future dwellings be constructed and who will design them?

Join a diverse range of speakers who will explore the future of housing in Australia may look like. 

Download a printable copy of the Program HERE